Hello Tumblrs, I’d like some help.  I have submitted a program to present at the National Association of College and University Residence Halls Conference at University of Colorado - Boulder :).  So Hooray!

But now Im freaking out a little bit

And Id like your help.  So the program is called “The wit and Wisdom of Avenue Q”  SO Im going to be drawing songs mainly from there.  Well, two.  I want the program to focus on how songs that directly effect a subject can bring it to light and make it easier to talk about, especially when bringing up specific examples from the songs.  For example one of the songs I will be using is “Everyones a little bit Racist”  focusing on lines like “Bigotry has never been exclusively white” and “No just little things like thinking that mexican bus boys should speak god damn english”  or the fact that and asian character replaces all of her “L’s” with “R’s”, ending the song with “Everyones a rittre bit lacist” etc.  So the songs I want to use are

"Everyones a Little Bit Racist" Avenue Q (Racism)

"If You Were Gay" Avenue Q (Homosexuality)

"Refusing To Be a Man" Propaghandi (Misogyny, Patricarchey)

"Oasis" By Amanda Palmer (Rape/Abortion)

And a Song by Common that was controversial a year or two ago (If you know it please send me the name!)

So if you know any other songs about the topics above or any other topics please send them along!  The whole point is just to get people talking :).  So if you have any ideas or songs (or know the Common song) please send it along and I’ll see if I can use it in my program.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this :)

So any suggestions?